Are you interested in replacing your driveway or patio? Why not give the driveway and patio contractors at F & D Marshall LTD a call today to schedule a free quote on replacing your driveway. We provide a wide range of affordable driveway solutions ranging from replacement to resurfacing.

With other options for your driveway including driveway drainage, custom style edging such as granite kerbing, key kerbs and concrete flat top edging kerbs. We can assess your driveway, provide you with multiple choices on what style of driveway might suit you and provide different quotes to help you cater the work to suit your budget.

Our driveway options include:


If you are not sure over what type of driveway will suit you, why not call our team and we can setup a free consultation, go through the options and provide you with a few different cost options. Unbeatable workmanship at very affordable rates.

If you live in Bournemouth or Chichester, you can click here to read more about our driveway options in Bournemouth and our driveway choices in Christchurch.

Examples For Driveways & Patios